Need speed? A new site for auto otaku

If you are a fan of Japanese import cars, and drifting, the team over at Auto Otaku have been working on a new site called Speed Hunters that you may want to check out. It’s launching on May 20th, and will feature writers, photographers, and pro drivers from around the world. Speed Hunters will offer daily coverage of the world of drifting, time attack, tuning, street and vintage cars as well as pro racing. Here’s a little teaser clip from the new site. Via Auto Otaku

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  1. haha, when i read “auto otaku” i first thought, automatic otaku, not automobile otaku… i dont really even think there is such a thing as an automobile otaku… now train otaku’s exist, for sure!

  2. hmmmmm, I dont know ………..!!!!!

    but to tell you the truth……. “I’M 100% Car Otaku”

    I cant live without racing and tuning, what to do this is me!!!

  3. I have been working so hard the past couple weeks on Speedhunters that I haven’t much time to post anything here. Don’t worry, this blog is not going anywhere. It’s just a little hard to work all day on SH and then come back and write much more here without going crazy. I know some of you guys miss the content from Auto Otaku in comparison to Speedhunters, but if there is something you’d like to see on SH, let me know. The readers of Auto Otaku are a big part of the SH audience so we want to do everything we can to keep things interesting for you guys.

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