Google street view tour of Akihabara

I’m surprised more sites aren’t talking about this since it was talked about on Japan Probe. Google’s street view is now available for Tokyo!.

I almost instantly started to search around Akihabara to see what I could find. It seems the Google street view car cruised around Tokyo during the mornings to avoid traffic. Sadly, many of the shops that it caught are still closed. However, here’s a random virtual tour around shops and places that I recognized.

Click the pictures for a larger version, or click the “Google street view” link to see the building in google (so you can rotate on your own.)

Akihabara’s Vehicle Free Street

Akihabara Vehicle Free Street

This is the heart of Akihabara on the vehicle free street. Before the stabbings, this street was shut down on Sundays and filled with cosplayers, bands, and performers. This intersection is also where those fatal stabbings took place. (Google street view)

Tora no Ana

Akihabara: Tora No Ana

I wrote about Tora no Ana a little while ago. If you have never heard of Tora no Ana, its one of the iconic shops in Akihabara. They have a series of stores that specializes in anything from anime and manga, to doujinshi and adult items. What’s interesting is in my post about Tora no Ana, there was no building to the right. Now Tora no Ana has 2 buildings side by side. (Google street view)

Club Sega

Akihabara: Club Sega

Club Sega is an incredible 5 story arcade in the heart of Akihabara. If you’re into arcade games like Street Fighter 4, this is where you want to be. (Google street view)

Taito Station

Akihabara: Taito Game Station

Taito Station is located right next to Tora no Ana in Akihabara. This multi-floor building is a huge arcade. (Google street view)

Mister Donut

Akihabara: Mister Donut

Mister Donut actually started as an American chain. However, it could not compete with the bigger chains like Dunkin’ Donuts, and now mainly operates in Japan and across Asia. Mister Donut now the largest donut chain in Japan, and is based out of Osaka. (Google street view)

Messe Sanoh

Akihabara: Messe Sanoh

Messe Sanoh is a popular game software shop in Akihabara. You can find all the latest game releases, as well as gaming hardware here.  (Google street view)


Akihabara: SEGA GiGO

Can you ever have enough arcades in Akihabara? No! Here’s SEGA‘s 6 story arcade complete with every genre imaginable and cosplayer staff as well! (Google street view)

Mos Burger

Akihabara: Mos Burger

Mos Burger is a stable around Japan as well as Asia. It is the second largest fast food chain in Japan right behind McDonalds. They even own a store in America (Hawaii). (Google street view)

Sofmap Main Store

Akihabara: Sofmap Main Store

Whether you are otaku or not, you will find Sofmap a must visit store. They specialize in new and used electronics. You will be able to find anything from air conditioners and massage chairs to TVs and DVDs. Think of it as a Akihabara’s Best Buy. (Google street view)


Akihabara: Akibakan

Akiba is also known as Denki Gai, or electric town. So it’s only right that there will be computer shops to help keep Otaku connected. This shop is called Akibakan, one of the better known computer shops in Akihabara. (Google street view)

Asobit City

Akihabara: Asobit City

Asobit City, also known as ABC, is the anime lover’s paradise. You will find all sorts of anime and figures on the first floor. The basement houses adult goods. (Google street view)

Convenience Store

Akihabara: Convience Store

Now, at some time or another in Akiba, after a long day of searching for rare figures, and other otaku goodness, you’re going to need a quick pick me up. Assuming all the maid cafes have closed, a quick stop into this pharmacy might be what you need.

Ramen Shop

Akihabara: Ramen Shop

I know everyone who visits Japan at one point or another wants to eat at a real ramen shop. So here’s the obligatory ramen shop in Japan! (Google street view)

Akihabara Station Square

Akihabara Station Square

Here’s Akihabara Station Square. The is another entrance on the other side of the building. On Sunday’s this area is filled with cosplayers, bands, and performers. (Google street view)

Apple Store

Akihabara: Mac Collection

This is the official Mac store of Akihabara. Just a few weeks ago, this area was camped by people waiting for the IPhone. (Google street view)

Miko-san Maid Cafe

Akihabara Miko-san Cafe

I wrote about the Miko-san cafe back in June. This unique cafe features shrine maidens that not only serve delicious meals and snacks, but on the top floor, will sing your favorite JPop songs. (Google street view)

Cafe Jamaica Udon

Akihabara: Cafe Jamaica Udon

This stop goes to who is always on the lookout for Jamaica references in Japan. Upstairs of this building is home to Cafe Jamaica Udon. Not quite in Akihabara (Shibuya actually), but still in Tokyo. (Google street view)

Curious Japanese Police Officer

Akihabara: Curious Citizen

And lastly on our trip around Akihabara, we have a curious police officer wondering what that long ball on a stick is doing on top of the Google street view car. (Google street view)

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