Sukayu Hot Springs

Inside the Sukayu Hot SpringsA campaign has started by a group of concerned citizens to stop the stares of men at one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts that still practices mixed sex bathing. The Konyoku wo Mamoru Kai (Protect Mixed Bathing Association) has seen an increase of men to the Sukayu Hot Spring resort in Aomori. With this increase of men, they have also seen an increase of women complaining that men are leering at them.

The Sukayu hot spring has been visited for almost 320 years, and features a huge bath of almost 260 square meters. Sukayu has signs for both men and women’s bathing areas, but features no walls to obstruct the view when entering the bath. Mainichi via FG

Sukayu Hot SpringsSukayu Hot SpringsSukayu Hot SpringsSukayu Hot Springs

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