Sushi Institute of America launches

Sushi Institute

Katsuya launches Sushi Institute of America

Have you always dreamed of being a world class Japanese sushi chef, but are stuck here in the United States? Well you now have another authentic option.

Noritoshi Kanai, president of Mutual Trading Co., and Katsuya Uechi, owner of Katsuya restaurants, have joined forces to create the Sushi Institute of America (SIA). Both are stars in the Japanese culinary scene, and Kanai is know for bringing Edomae sushi to Los Angeles in the 1960s.

The Sushi Institute of America’s main goal is to let future chefs learn the traditional art os sushi and Japanese food preperation. Kanai says,

It is our hope to pass on to the next generation of aspiring chefs the true form of culinary art and philosophy that Japanese sushi imported. Our vision is that sushi’s great culinary tradition may reach all over the world for people to enjoy through the skilled hands of our future graduating chefs.

One problem the Sushi Institute of America hopes to address is the growing trend of Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles to only be Japanese in name, and not what they serve. By training skilled chefs in Japanese cuisine, the quality and authenticy of Japanese restaurants employing these new graduates will be on a much higher level.

Basic courses that cover rice handleing and knife training start in September, the advance courses start in November. Head over to the Sushi Institue of America for more information.

Via Japan Times.

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  1. Mr. Katsuya Uechi,

    First and foremost I want to thank you for everything you have done for all of the students at “The Sushi Institute of America”. The time from your very busy schedule, the generous Lunch at Katsuya “Hollywood”, tickets to the Japanese Food Festival, and the ongoing time, money and the heart you put into or futures.

    You really made another “Big” impact on me yesterday when you told me to contact you when I do open a Restaurant, this is so grateful and evidence of your sincere dedication to see our successes. It does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

    Your commitment and kindness with your time and the investment you have put forth to train people that have “Dreams” like I do at not only becoming a “Sushi Chef” and to have the ability with promise to be able to leave from your school and instruction with self-confidence so I can live my dreams of owning a Restaurant.

    I must not forget the “Outstanding” Instructors you have assembled, a (First Class Team). Sensei Hatono, Sensei Joji and Sensei Ken have been very instrumental in my success so far and I feel like they have not only given me excellent instruction, they have also become good friends.

    I know I have a lot more to learn and it will take many years to perfect, but the “Basics” learned in your class are forever a part of me that I can build on in the comings years.

    Thank You Very Much,

    Dan Boaz
    Kona Blue Sushi
    (704) 660-9000 Office
    (704) 660-9050 Fax
    (704) 657-2889 Mobile

    Los Angeles, California • (704) 660-9000 or

    Why I Came to Sushi Institute of America?

    At the age of 43 after selling my company just over a year ago it was time for a career change. I was ready for my next adventure and I wanted to do something I was passionate about, something I truly loved to do.

    My friends, family and colleagues thought it was crazy that I wanted to get into the “Sushi” business.

    I did some research and found a “Brand New” school that had the same ambition that I had, to train people that are serious about becoming a “Real” Sushi Chef, the traditional Japanese way that has been taught for hundreds of years. The best part about the school is the fact that the President and Executive Instructor is “Katsuya Uechi”; owner of the Katsuya Restaurants that are very successful throughout Los Angeles, and expanding to Las Vegas and Miami.

    I signed up as soon as I learned about it and the most exciting part is that I would be one of the first six students enrolled in the “Brand New” school taught by Katsuya. Some people said he would not be teaching the class, it was just his name. Mr. Katsuya Uechi has been at the school every day personally teaching us along with his very talented group of instructors that have all trained in Japan and worked at his very successful restaurants.

    This is serious business for serious students that want to learn the “Best” from the “Best”. Don’t waste your time or Mr. Katsuya Uechi’s time if you aren’t serious about Sushi & the traditional Japanese Cuisine, he takes it very seriously and demands the utmost dedication from his students.

    For me it is an opportunity of a lifetime to get into a new career where there are so many new opportunities in an industry that is booming while the economy as a whole is struggling. Go to any of the six “Katsuya” Restaurants prior to opening and you will be standing in line to get in.

    I have a high aspiration to learn as much as I can in the school, and combined with my years of Executive Management experience look forward to running one of the “Katsuya” restaurants.

    This opportunity has given me a whole new appreciation for the Art of Japanese Cuisine.

    Dan Boaz
    (704) 660-9000 Office
    (704) 657-2889 Mobile

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