Love wine? Try The Drop of Gods

The Drop of Gods: Wine Manga

Have you ever want to learn more about wine, but felt a bit intimidated by books about wine written by and for aficionados? Well the manga series Kami No Shizuka (The Drops of God) may be for you.

The Drops of God has been popular with fans since its release in 2004. The story revolves around 2 brothers who compete to find the location of 12 legendary wines. Their father, a wine critic, dies suddenly, and whoever is able to locate the 12 wines first will inherit their father’s 18 million dollar wine cellar.

The imagery used in The Drops of God is what draws most people in. Instead of using very generic worlds like “bold, yet subtle” that leaves one wondering more about what those words mean before even thinking about the wine, The Drops of God uses statements like,

“Just like a classic rock concert!” says one brother after taking a sip of a 2001 Mont-Pérat. “Like walking in a quiet forest being followed by two butterflies,” exclaims the other brother.

This manga is popular with CEOs all over Asia. When a specific wine is mentioned in a new release of the manga, stores usually see a slight jump in sales due to it. There are even reports of parents slipping the manga into children’s briefcases as they leave for university in hopes that they will develop a love of sophisticated wine.

The Drop of Gods: Wine Manga

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  1. I am glad to see Japan being so strong in terms of wine, food, gastronomy. Tokyo is nowadays World’s capital of food, and you highly deserve it. And now, mangas like the drop of Gods are stimulating people into appreciating wine. That is really awesome!

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