The spider desk robot.

Spider Desk

Who doesn’t love odd robots from Japan? Here’s a 4-legged “spider” robot that was debuted at Robo Japan 2008. While I don’t see much practicality to this setup, you gotta admit, its different. It’s basically a table with legs.

The concept may not seem new to you. There have been countless movies, cartoons, and sci-fi TV shows that have used the idea of a insect-like walking robot. And come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen a robot that did it just like what you see in the movies. I wish I could find a video of this in action. It looks like a bumpy ride.

Spider Desk

This isn’t the only robot that I have found that moves this way. Although its certainly the biggest though I have seen. Hexabods are another alternative. They fit in the palm of your hand.offers a cool little robot that reminds me of a crab for some reason.


Via Gizmodo.

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