Is that a UFO? No, its a QFO.

Tomy's QFO

Unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show 2008, Tomy’s QFO is a tiny, golf ball sized RC flying toy. It’s propelled by a motor on the bottom of the unit which makes it very nimble in the air. The QFO belongs to Tomy’s line of Q products which are all very very tiny. The QFO will run you about $40, however right now it’s only available in Japan. When it launches at the end of September, it will feature a UFO cover so you can complete the illusion.

Via Gizmodo.

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  1. cool toy it is….but much better if direction is controlable to avoid damage…we bought our kid this toy 3 days ago and when it hit the ground while rotating, one of the foot got broke….its fixed now but i think it would be better if the makers of this stuff could possibly make another design that has a directional control….i mean…not just up it goes but also to the left to the left…to the right to the right…yeah baby! good luck to the next invention of the lefty righty QFO’s

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