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Top 10 Japanese Gravure Idols

Who does think are the top 10 Japanese gravure idols? I think it’s pretty cool to see a U.S. magazine take the time out to make a list like this. If you look at who made the top 10, you can definitely see an American view of beauty. I think in Japan, we would of seen a completely different list as beauty differs by culture. So, who made the cut?

10. Arisa Oda

Arisa Oda: Japanese Gravure IdolArisa Oda: Japanese Gravure Idol

9. Miri Hanai

Miri Hanai: Japanese Gravure IdolMiri Hanai: Japanese Gravure Idol

8. Ourei Harada

Ourei Harada: Japanese Gravure IdolOurei Harada: Japanese Gravure Idol

7. Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume: Japanese Gravure IdolRio Natsume: Japanese Gravure Idol

6. Miyabi Isshiki

Miyabi Isshiki: Japanese Gravure IdolMiyabi Isshiki: Japanese Gravure Idol

5. Harumi Nemoto

Harumi Nemoto: Japanese Gravure IdolHarumi Nemoto: Japanese Gravure Idol

4. Megumi Yamano

Megumi Yamano: Japanese Gravure IdolMegumi Yamano: Japanese Gravure Idol

3. Aki Hoshino

Aki Hoshino: Japanese Gravure IdolAki Hoshino: Japanese Gravure Idol

2. Yoko Matsugane

Yoko Matsugane: Japanese Gravure IdolYoko Matsugane: Japanese Gravure Idol

1. Raon Kadena

Reon Kadena: Japanese Gravure IdolReon Kadena: Japanese Gravure Idol

Do you agree with the list?

Via Japundit.

Who should be the #1 gravure idol?

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What do you think?

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  1. Uhm… No Rina Akiyama? No Shoko Hamada?

    Well, at least Aki Hoshino made it in this top10..
    To be honest, I think most of them aren’t top-10’ish hot. So I really don’t understand.. Just google the names i mentioned above and you know why.

  2. I guess this list is kind of old as Megumi, Harumi, and Ourei Harada have also retured from the gravure world.

    Arisa Oda has taken on a new stage name and is now performing in Japanese Adult Video -.

    I’ve been looking at Gravure videos for quite some time, and have reviewed hundreds –

    you can find new reveiws as well as some going back to 2006 on my website Thanks to who ever made this list:

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