Top US Bloggers invited to Japan

Top Japan Bloggers

Lunar US Blogger meetingToru Takasuka, founder of Lunarr, has invited popular bloggers from the US for one week in Tokyo. I’m quite sure it’s to let them get more familar with Lunarr, as well as to pitch ideas. Japanese entrepreneurs were given 10 minutes each to give a presentation to the bloggers.

The four invited bloggers are:

Lunarr is a new webservice that allows collaboration between multiple people to use a single platform to research, compile, edit, and present projects. To find out more about what exactly Lunarr is, visit their about section. Via Asiajin

Maybe I should write some Japanese Anime/Manga companies to pitch a US blogger trip to Japan in order to help them gain market share in the United States. Hey, it could happen!

What do you think?

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