Toyota’s Gundam – The i-Foot

Toyota’s Gundam – The i-Foot


Toyota\'s i-Foot Robot

We know Toyota as being the number one car maker here in America. However, what we will never see here in America by the company is so much cooler than just cars. In 2005, Toyota developed the i-Foot robot that offers the “pilot” three-dimensional mobility. Sorta the same concept as the Exoskeleton suit I wrote about last week… but more Gundam like.

Toyota\'s i-Foot RobotToyota\'s i-Foot Robot

The i-Foot wont set any land speed records at its max sustained speed of 1mph. However you will most likely be able to catch anyone looking at you as they will be stopped in their tracks. The i-Foot offers a much more fluid movement than the Land Walker, even tho the Land Walker reminds me more of a gundam by its menacing size. Toyota developed a joystick control scheme to keep operating the i-Foot simple. From the video below, we can see just how agile it is.

Via Geekologie & Toyota.

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