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UCLA gives Japanese Yakuza liver

A Yakuza GroupWe all know how powerful the Yakuza is in Japan. Seems they have a bit of power in the United States as well. The UCLA Medical Center is under investigation by law enforcement due to transplants given to Yakuza members.

During 2000 to 2004, a time where there was a shortage of livers for transplants and 100 people died waiting for livers, 4 suspected Yakuza were given liver transplants. One of those patients was one of Japan’s most powerful Yakuza bosses.

What’s even weirder is that the surgeon in all 4 operations was Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil, executive chairman of UCLA’s surgery department. He is one of the most highest paid doctors in the medical center. Could Dr Busuttil have a debt to repay to the Yakuza? Or is he just a fan of special love hotel treatment when he visits Japan? Who knows. LA Times

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