Ultraman from tiny Ultramen

Ultraman: Tokyo Toy Show 2008

Here’s a giant Ultraman statue made up of hundreds of tiny Ultraman figures. This photo was snapped at the Tokyo Toy Show 2008 by Hobby Media.

Who is Ultraman? Ultraman was a TV show from TBS (Tokyo Broadcast System) that ran from 1966 – 1967. Even though there were only 30 original episodes, and the second in a series of “Ultra” programs, it sparked a cult following that’s even popular today. Ultraman ran during the special effects era in Japan, you know, the Godzilla type special effects. The whole Ultra series is sparking the masked super hero craze in Japan.

Ultraman: Tokyo Toy Show 2008

I wonder what they’re going to do with it after the show is over. Is there an Ultraman museum? Hobby Media via Gizmodo.

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