What do Japanese women think of their bras?

Uniqlo\'s Japanese Bra Data

As a web designer, whenever I come across a very cool website design, I won’t lie, I get kinda giddy and awestruck as if I just have found the coolest shell on the beach. While browsing JapanSoc after work this evening, I came across a post on Tofugu titled “What Japanese Women Think About Their Bras (and other things too). With a title like that, how could you not click on it.

Once the flash finished loading, I was amazed. Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing store chain, gathered a lot of women and asked them quite a few questions (mostly about their bras). They video taped each woman answering the questions, and compiled all of the data into a graphical website that’s visually stunning as it is information packed.

I wont even begin to describe it as my description wouldn’t do it justice. Just some points to take note of. On the bottom right, you can switch the subtitles into English if you don’t speak Japanese. Also, you can actually click on any of the pictures to target that woman. As the questions change, she will stay on top and you can hear her responses. You can also filter the data by height, age, bra style, and body type. Definitely check it out, and FYI, its safe for work.

Tofugu via JapanSoc.

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