Hiding inside a vending machine?

The fashionable vending machineThe Japanese are no strangers to weird things. Tom sent me a link to an article on, The 13 Most Irresponsible Self Defense Gadgets Money Can Buy.” Sure enough, Japan made the list at number 12.

Even though street crime in Japan is almost non-existent, Aya Tsukioka has taken to designing fashion that is not only wearable but may protect you from that would be a stalker. Imagine you were trying to hide from someone that you noticed following you. You whip into an alley in Japan, because we know that every alley and sidewalk has vending machines in Japan, take off an outer skirt, and within seconds, you are encased in a vending machine disguise. The stalker passes by you and continues on his search.

What? You say that only works in anime? Well, Ms. Tsukioka seems to think otherwise. She has also created a manhole cover bag that when unfolded hides your items in what appears to be a manhole cover. Want to protect your kids? Try the Fire Extinguisher backpack. Something for the whole family!

Aya Tsukioka demonstrating

Aya Tsukioka demonstrating

Child fire hydrant disguise

Manhole cover bag

Images from the New York Times.

Have you ever been scared of someone following you?

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