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Amazon.comWell as you may know, I have been slacking with the posts this week… but I do have an excuse! I’m a big fan of Danny Choo‘s website, and I love his product ranking charts from Japan. If you haven’t seen it before, just check out his “Rankings” section on the right menu. Living in the states, we are somewhat sheltered from what’s going on in Japan. His lists are a nice, easy, and time saving way of keeping up with all of those cool products and Anime. However, his lists are run from Amazon Japan, and link to Japanese products. Without using services like Rinkya, its not exactly easy to buy from Amazon Japan. So with the help of my good friend Tom, I have been hard at work all week creating lists similar to Danny Choo‘s except they are for things I am interested in, and more importantly for the English Amazon.com! These are just the beginning lists, as I have plans to add many more. Definitely check out the PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii sections as Amazon.com likes to add new games as pre-orders! That way, you can make sure you get a copy and laugh at all your friends who have to wait for theirs. These lists update every hour with the latest releases. Without further adieu, here are the xorsyst.com What’s Hot Lists:

Have you ever bought anything from Amazon.com

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