Who doesn’t love Japanese Engrish?

Japanese EngrishContamination from J Donuts has created a new section in his growing network of J-Donut sites dedicated to Japanese Engrish! Actually he has moved the Engrish site back into his main site J Donuts. Yes, I did say Engrish. The Japanese love to use English as much as possible, and many times they produce such humorous results. I can’t blame them though because if I chose to use Kana and Kanji in my daily writing, I don’t think I would get very far.

With all of the Engrish that get’s through the editorial teams for these products, I bet you could find a great translating job if you spoke fluent Japanese and English. Check out J Donuts.

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Written by xorsyst

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  1. FYI, they think the SHAPE of the words are cool, not the words themselves. There is no need for the words to be grammatically correct, all they read was the kanji at the bottom, the “mame” kanji in the front and the word king. It’s just a cooler sign if it has english.

    Good idea though…

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