Wii-mote Head Tracking

Wii-mote Head TrackingWas just reading Dannychoo’s latest post about Apple filing a new patent for a pair of glasses with a head mounted laser. I got a bit excited because earlier in the day I was reading a cool article over at Joystiq about Johnny Lee.

Who is Johnny Lee? He was a speaker at a recent TED Conference. His idea was not only brilliant, but something I think we will see soon enough… maybe apple’s latest patent may have something to do with it. What Johnny Lee did was make a head tracking display with a Wii-mote and sensor bar. How is that cool? Virtual reality desktop displays… I’ll let Johnny Lee explain it for you.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Apple filing it? Neuuu… I have to admit those glasses look a little clunky. I really shouldn’t say this, because Apple do release some great great products (of course) but they’re are quite often priced higher than they should be. I love the concept of Wii-mote Head Tracking though, can hardly wait till it becomes a reality in games.

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