Yusuke Kamiji: World Record Blogger

Yusuke Kamiji Worlds Most Famous BloggerDon’t know who Yusuke Kamiji is? Don’t worry, if you live here in America, there’s no reason you would know him. However Guinness has just recognized him as the World’s most famous blogger. The criteria used for giving him that title was his blog has the most unique visitors in one day.

How many unique visitors would it take your blog to surpass Yusuke Kamiji’s blog? 230,755 unique users in one day. I dont even get half of that in one month. Daily page views average around 5-6 million. The highest was on April 12th, where Kamiji achived 13,171,039 page views! 5 days later, his blog got 56,061 comments in one day.

Yusuke Kamiji Worlds Most Famous Blogger

That may seem like an impressive stat. However he does have a little bit of an unfair advantage. He was already a celebrity in Japan. Many Japanese celebrities use blogs to help promote their name, and promote items they sponser.

Either way, he officially has the most popular blog in Guinness’s eyes. Via Asiajin

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