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2 months since i last posted. well i had plans on redoing the site, but got sidetrack by things happening online as well as life. im still here, even tho i wish i could be here more. ive been busy with there as well as my there clothing site. there launched yesterday, and alot of attention has been directed towards them. i have been featured on their site as well as an interview about me and my clothing was on a popular there news site, CST. if you havn’t given there a try yet, i would seriously sign up. anyways, i broke down and bought a yamaha djx 2 keyboard. and OMG, its so nice. i have already hooked it up to my computer, and have begun composing songs. i post an mp3 when i finish my first song. i spoke to a guy who i play there with, and he gave me a program that should help me produce a final product. his name is DJ phantium. he’s an experienced dj, and used to work for id&t for 3 years! so i may have to keep pestering him with questions ;) here’s some of his new stuff for you to check out. besides that, i have really been missing nicola. she has been really busy with work/school, so we never know when we will get a chance to talk next. i come home and quickly check my email hoping theres a msg from her, or whenever the phone rings i think it may be her. she’s the main thing on my mind right now. well i better get to work. ‘sigh another day.

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