tuesday at work was pretty interesting. we had the #2 guy from the entire company at our store to do an “inspection”. everyone has been stressing about it for like a month now. anyways, he came with his entire entourage. they were a pretty intimidating bunch, so i was just trying to stay clear of them and do my job. then my old supervisor came over and grabbed me by the arm, and says “louis, i want to introduce you to mr whatever” (i forgot his name now, lol). so im like “noooo, thats ok” but she dragged me over there and i met him. he seems like a really nice guy for the kinda guy he is. one would think since he’s so high up on the ladder, he would be an ass or something. but he seemed nice to me. he had a strong handshake, and would NOT let go. anyways, he said our store was perfect, one of the best in the country. and that was that. speaking of work, i have to go get ready for work ‘sigh.

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Written by xorsyst

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