bowling & drinking

ahh had a bit to drink tonight. and im half sober, umm, maybe a little less than half. i only had 2 jeiger bombs (cant be bothered spell checking that). they were extra strong too. tom was in town so we went bowling. i bowled one game, and really wasn’t into it. i suck at bowling btw. so i just sat back and watched everyone else while i drank. had fun, friend dennis almost bowled a perfect game. ended up missing a few frames, and ended with a 200+ score. met a few people who i havn’t seen in ages too. so that was cool. and i played ddr drunk! that was a first. the arrows were blurry as hell. and i couldn’t make most of them out. i even tried tusugara and gave up half way. after that we went to the waffle house. and that job has gotta suck. i guess when i get semi drunk, i like to really be talkative with strangers. i wanted to know one of the waitress’s names, and she didn’t have on her nametag. tom kept saying to forget about it. but i wanted to know! so i found out thier names, jessica and carla. and they were telling us how thier boss sucked. and how they didn’t even get minimum wage. they made like 3 something an hour. i forget. anyways, i ate too much. i had this fiesta omlet, and sausage. i spent most of my money on drinks at the bowling alley. so i went to pay with my visa. and they didn’t take credit cards. what kinda BS is that? while i was in the uk, even the smallest fish and chips shop took my visa, but not a nationwide chain in the usa? so tom payed for my meal, which was nice of him. i’ll have to pay him back when we all go out to capt funs on saturday. anyways, im abotu to pass out or something. nite

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