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yesterday was pretty good. i think i need a new way to cheer myself up tho. i spent about $300 shopping yesterday. i went to a mall here in pensacola, and was looking around, and didn’t see anything that i wanted to buy. so then i went to barnes and nobels and spent like $100 on some books. then i felt kinda disappointed because the whole reason i went out was to buy an outfit for later that night. so i went to the gas station, and filled up the tank, and then drove an hour to mobile, AL. they have much better malls thank pensacola. so i get there, and i bought a hoodie and shirt from abercombie + fitch. and a pair of jeans from american eagle. then i go back to pensacola, and went back to the mall. this time i bought a sweater and a pair of jeans from structure. and then i went to american eagle and bought another pair of jeans in a different color than i bought when i was in mobile. and finally i bought a sweater from areopostale. on my way home, i call willis to see whats going on later, and he tells me that they will be at my house at 9pm. so i get home at like 8:50 and have to take a quick shower. so tom, willis, and dennis pull up to my house at about 9:10 and we go to the liquor store. dennis bought some lemons, sugar, and barcardi limon. and i bought a 4 pack of red bull, and some jeigermeister. then we went to jason’s apartment. for those of you that saw my birthday pics, jason is the one that pushed me to cause the “incident”, LOL. anyways, we get there and dennis makes some lemon drops with the stuff he bought, and i proceed to drink my jeiger (which was good btw. but no one else likes it). so 4 guys, i cant even remember who played. but they were playing this drinking game where 2 teams of 2 people has 12 cups with different amounts of beer in each. the other team tries to get the ping pong in the cup. when you do, the other team has to drink whats in the cup the ball lands in. ANYWAYS. we all got pretty drunk, so we headed over to captain fun’s. ok im getting tired of typing. im so hung over right now, its not even funny. um. i danced alot all night. and i dont know what it is, seems every club i go to, i see some guy get tackled. i dunno what he was doing, i just saw a whole bunch of security come out, and then next thing i know, the guy is laying on the floor. um yea anyways, im proud of myself tho. i didn’t throw up! but how im feeling now, i wish i would of. today is going to be a LONG day.

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