Cirrus LIVE

OMG, its like 6:30 and im just getting home. i had an AWESOME night. i had to close so i left work at about 8. then a girl got married over the weekend at work. so we all went to ruby tuesday’s and hung out. i had a little fries and shrimp. and a mai-tai. then i took my friend floyd back to his house and we chilled there waiting for some dude. he gets there then we all ride up to captain fun’s. we got there at about 10:30 or so. and the place was pretty much empty. there were a few people dancing, the rest were just standing around. so we just started drinking. i had a jeiger and red bull to start off with. there was this really cute bargirl going around with shots of jeiger and hypnotic. so floyd buy’s one and he said they were good. so i bought one and DAMN… he wasn’t lying. so captain fun’s house DJ was mixing up until 12. at 12 they got Cirrus on… and it was everything i was expecting. they blew the roof off and had everyone going. ive never seen people into the music here in pensacola like i did tonight. it reminded me of clubbing in the UK. it was like one huge rave… with breaks mixed in. i think their set lasted about 2 hours. like to say a thanks to dream for making it all possible. and nice to meet everyone (sputnik, aaron, and everyone else). that night i ended up totaling. 2 jeiger and red bulls, 4 shots of hypnotic, a smirnoff (blame floyd), and a mai-tai. we got back to floyd’s house at like 3am. and i decided to sleep on the couch for a bit till i sobered up. at like 6am, one of his roomates was leaving, so it woked me up. then my cell phone goes off. it was my mom wondering where i was. so i told her i would be home in about 15 mins. and i drove back. so yea, im about to get some more sleep now tho.

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Written by xorsyst

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