evil bookstore

ok barnes and noble is an EVIL place. i stopped there last night after i left the mall and spent like $103 on some graphics design books. ugh! sad thing is, that was with a discount. and i thought i was doing so well… i went to the mall to play DDR. i discovered something. if i dont play DDR for 2 weeks, and then try to jump in and play a song like “A” (which i usually get a B)… i fail. i only spent 50cents on DDR yesterday (record for me). i went to areopostale to see what was new, and i showed all sorts of self restraint. they had hoodies from $19-24 and i could of bought about 5 or 6. and then i saw this corduroy jacket for 50% off… looking back on it now, i wish i would of bought at least something, lol. oh well. maybe for the after thanksgiving sales.

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