exotic ethnic

i feel so good right now. i went to play DDR wanting to get my mind off some things, and i was looking in the 6th mix folder, and found exotic ethnic. now i LOVE the music on that song, and it reminds me of nicola and when i was in the UK. in newcastle, there was a DDR machine that we played on. and one day there were these 2 japanese girls playing it on standard. and one of them was semi freestyling with arm movements and it looked pretty cool. so knowing nic is as much of an addict with DDR as i am, she jumpped on and had a go at it. and she did quite well i must say. so when i found that song again, i was like i have to play it. the only thing is, i KNEW there was no way in hell i could do it on 1.5 heavy. in the UK, they have dancing stage, and you cant speed up the song like you can with USA machines. and i cant do maniac/heavy songs without speeding them up. so i was like so what, and tried it. i guess i was just so determined that i passed it! im feeling quite good right now. i admit i didn’t do THAT well on it, but for the first time trying it on heavy 1.5. im know i can B it… now that i know what to expect.

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Written by xorsyst

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