GREAT night

ahh, just had the best night ive had in a LONG time… probally since i came back from the UK. the nights i went clubbing with nicola still top my lists, but tonight was really great. met up with a bunch of people i work with at burger king, and we went to seville. my friend nikky turned 21 on monday so we were going out to celebrate. so when we got there, i bought nikky her first legal drink at seville… my fav drink when i go to seville, a red headed slut. they are sooo good. we all rode with corey, so when we got to the door. we all realized that chris forgot his ID. so nikky and him had to go all the way back to burger king to get his ID. i wanted to wait for nikky so that i could start drinking. and i gave her 15 mins to get back. but she didn’t get back in time, so i ordered a red headed slut. and was finished with it by the time she got back. anyways, about 3 red headed sluts, and about 4 Jeigers.

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