i found nemo

well im back from work. it was a pretty good day. nothing exciting happened, but it wasn’t a slow day. finding nemo came out today, so EVERYONE was buying it. and my job went all out with the finding nemo ads. we even had to wear this finding nemo pin all day (as you can see in my campic). so enough of work. last night i spoke to friends who i havn’t spoken to in awhile… and i know its pretty bad when one of them lives like 15 mins from me! so i was caught up on all the latest news. like my friend linsay was held up at her job (she works at a bank). here‘s a link to the story. she isn’t mentioned in the article, but she was the actual teller who the lady demanded the money. im just glad she wasn’t hurt! then later i spoke with my friends keima and angel about some stuff that had been bothering me. and they were good friends and helped me feel so much better. thanks you two! its really great to have friends that can be there for you. well i was invited to go see the new matrix movie tonight, but i cant be bothered. i would have to be up at the place at 12am for a private advanced screening. one of the guys i work with… his friend knows the owner, and said if he could get enough people together, that we could see it early. oh well. i’ll be sleeping by then no doubt.

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