im an internet TV star

hey everyone. i set up a winamp video stream last night, and now im on internet TV! in winamp, go ot the library, and select internet tv, and look for a cam called: -::[]::- Louis’s Webcam. i will be msging people tonight after i get home from work to test it out. i had quite a bit of viewers last night when i was testing it out. so i THINK it works. i gotta test out the audio too. so if you want, msg me after 4:30pm CST and we’ll see if it works!

for everyone thats been wondering why my AWAY msg has been set to *sigh*, its just cause ive been missing nicola. sorry i havn’t been very talkative. but i just spoke to her, and im feeling alot better. still missing her tho!

What do you think?

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