ah, uploaded the pics from ruby tuesday to the gallery. added a few comments so check them out. yesterday was pretty um… interesting. on my way home from class, my car started SMOKING! im like WTF, and pull off into a church parking lot. so i get out and lift the hood to see that the smoke is coming from the radiator. earlier i still had a bottle of dasani in my car, so i end up pouring that into the radiator. first and last time i will use expensive bottled water for my car, LOL. so um. i realize i need more water. so luckily i spot a water hose by the stairs leading upstairs to the church. so i put more water in the car. then it dawns on me… underneath the radiator, i see dripping. turns out i have a leak in my radiator and thats why it was smoking to begin with! so anyways, i let the car cool down, and head off. passing by the front doors, i see that the church is pretty old. afterwards, i really didn’t want to go home, but i wanted to work on an idea i had for my layout, so i headed back downtown and made my way to the water tower. if you were wondering why i was going to the water tower, its because the library is right in front of it. but after i get there, i see the sign on the door saying its closed on mondays… shows how much i go to the public library eh. walking back to my car, i spot some guys cleaning the tower. the old one kept looking at me while i was taking the picture. probaly wondering what the hell i was doing. then afterwards i stopped at mcdonalds and headed home. full gallery pics here.

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