life is changing.

ah finally back to normal. well my life seems to be changing all around me… mostly for the good though. i finally bought a domain name for my new business. i just got a call from some hosting company a few mins ago asking me questions about how far i was along in designing the site. i guess they wanted to offer thier services or something. *shrug* anyways. i just heard back from, and they liked the design i made for one of their clients. so im really happy about that. a lot of stuff will be going on in december for me. i just have to find the time to fit it all in! depends on how far along i am with my plans if i go on that cruise later on this month. but by the looks of things, i may be too busy… that is unless i take a laptop on the cruise. ok back to work.

oh and just to let everyone know, kari is one weird girl! lol, yea you know you are kari, dont deny it. it must be something about living in pensacola that makes you weird.

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Written by xorsyst