sickly feeling

ugh, im not feeling well at all this morning. last night i laid in bed for like 4 hours before finally getting to sleep. and then i woke up this morning at about 5am and havn’t been back to sleep. i leave for work at 9:15am. so im just awake… but its something at the pit of my stomach thats making me feel aweful. and its not like a sick sick feeling. i dunno. hope i feel better during the day. i had a long talk with jay last night, and it made me realize a few things. so that was cool. ok another update later in the day. hopefully its a more positive one! i think im going to work on my car for about an hour. it was sounding weird last night when i got home.

What do you think?

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  1. Hey when I can’t sleep sometimes I loosen up by starting at the top of my head and imagine my body parts one by one falling off ha just kidding but anyways you relax each body part one by one!Sometimes it can help,Good Luck!

  2. actually ive heard of something similar to that for relaxation. kinda like tensing up all your muscles (for example in you leg) at once, and then relaxing it. then going through all your body parts till you finished. suposedly helps. i havn’t done it in awhile. may have to try it tonight if i still feel like this.

only 9pm

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