so much stuff

wow, so much has been going on, yet im too tired to write about it all! lol. um, the quick highlights: 1. IM GOING TO THE UK ON AUGUST 1ST! ill be away for 2 weeks… well prob not away away as ill update my cam from nicola‘s house. 2. after i get back from the UK, im prob going to start saving for a car as my current one is beginning to get too costly to fix. 3. i got my eyebrow split open from running into the corner of a wall in the dark (go me!). its healing pretty well tho. it looked as tho i got into a fight and someone split me open. blood was pouring down! ummmm…. 4. ive been playing aloooooooooot in there. if you still havn’t signed up for the beta yet, what are you waiting for! speaking of games, i just got midnight club 2 for the PC on thursday. and ive never played a racing game as good as mc2! that game is beyond words, you JUST GOTTA PLAY IT! besides that, things have been good. hope you had a great 4th. i had to work :( and after i got off, since it stopped raining for a bit, i cut my lawn. that was the extent i celebrated the 4th. ive worked 6 days straight this week, i get monday off, then work 3 more. im exhausted! but im looking forward to my 4 day weekend coming up. so hopefully i will catch up with all this sleep ive missed. anyways, im going to bed. gotta be up at 8am.

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