sorry drunk yes lol

um, i apologize for the mistakes in this blog. im DRUNK. um yea . i just go tback from captain funs, and i can barely see stargith. everythings like wobbly. had a great nite! willis picked me up and we rode to his boy’s house where we met jason, avril and teressa. and like i wasn’t going to drink, but by the time everyone else got there. they were taking shots of barcardi 151. so i had to go 2. um i think i got pics of us there tho. so when im a bit more sober i gotta upload those shots. we got the the club about 11:30 or so i think. i cant remember. but by that time i was buzzing hard. and i was suprised it only took those few shots. i wish i remembered the name of that girl i was dancing with. we talked awhile. i asked her if she went to school here and i remember her asking her friend if she did. so i was like ‘your not from here are you’ and she kept saying she was. lol. um… no. anyways i danced with her awhile then i kinda chilled out by the cage thing. then i left and now im back. i gotta be at work in like… um a few hours. so im gonna get some sleep.

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Written by xorsyst


great night