tired, hungry, and DDR

omg, i posted! heh. im just in a posting kinda mood. actually im in a HUNGER type of mood. i just got back from my mother’s graduation. i had to get up at 6am (UGH) i didn’t get much sleep cause i figured i would sleep on the way there. but unknown to me till we were walking out the door. i had to drive. so imagine me swirving all over the road for 2 hours! nah it wasn’t that bad, but on the way back, i was blasting my cd trying to keep me awake. it was cool seeing my mother walk across the stage, she got her masters in counseling. im proud of her. anyways, i just came home to change, and EAT. then if this rain doesn’t get too much worse, im going to head up to the mall to play ddr extreme, w00t! speaking of DDR, shannon has gotten into DDR, see how addictive it can be!

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