2.5 hours of SLEEP

i’m so unbelievably tired right now. remember that program i said i had to do? well, turns out that i fell asleep around 1:30 while taking a “break” (or at least, that’s what i told myself it was). i woke up at 4am and started back on it. 2 and a half hours of sleep, and i didn’t even use an alarm clock to wake myself up. and you know what sucks… i doubt i’ll be able to get back to sleep. i’ve already been up for 3 hours, so my body is in that awake mode. oh well. i wonder what people do this early on a weekend. suprisingly no one’s on. oh no, i take that back. nicola’s on but that’s because she’s in europe. no one from the USA is on. wake up peoples! it’s a nice day… well at least it is in florida. no clouds, just sunshine. wow. in the little bit of time it took me to write this, i’ve went from being really tired, to being in a good mood. i think i will be nice and make breakfast for my mom today. *dances off*

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Written by xorsyst

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