9 hours

ugh, this is the first time in years that i’ve slept for 9 hours. i just couldn’t get to sleep for some reason so i stayed up watching movies on hbo. first movie that came on was attica. it’s a really good movie. i don’t remember how many times i’ve watched it. they really did a good job in recreating that prison break. after that, an old chris rock show came on. chris rock is funny as hell, and his skits were good, but i dunno.. maybe it was because it was one of the shows early in the season, but it seemed as tho he was reading the teleprompter so much. you could see his eyes scrolling down the thing. maybe it was because i was so awake at 3 something in the morning. i notice stupid things late at night. after that, cruel intentions 2 came on. i had never seen it… it was an interesting movie to say the least. i wish life was like that in a way. oh well. i finally got to sleep at around 6am, and woke up at 3pm. ugh, half the day wasted, i’m hungry.

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i haven’t posted in here for ages

last day of spring break