a new beginning


well, i’ve finally finished this layout. it was ready yesterday, but i had way too much to do and couldn’t finish making the real audio file. this wasn’t the original layout i had planned. i was in a really upset mood on tuesday and started on a layout that reflected my mood. it was kinda darkish, but half way through it, i figured it wasn’t going to help me get over it if i made a layout that reminded me of why i was upset. so i figured i would make a new, lighter layout. a new beginning is exactly what i’m doing. even the song playing in the background has a meaning. the song is by robin fox, and its called “it’s going to be ok” (the breakbeat mix). i like listening to this song when i’m in one of my moods. i will probably change the song every couple of days tho, for something different.
anyways, the reason why yesterday was so busy, i woke up at 6 like i do every morning to take my sisters to school, got back, and finished up the layout. at around 12, i had to go pick up one of my sisters, take her home, then went and got a haircut. my luck they were re-building the barber shop, so i had to find the place where they set up a temporary spot for them to cut hair on the base. finally found that, and i had to wait for my normal barber to get back. he finally came, but by the time he was finished it was past one, and i had to pick up my other sister. did that, and got back home, washed my car, then took a shower, then i had to take my sister to the public library. after doing that, i had to go up to the university to meet a friend up there to show her around the campus. after we finished with that, it was around 4. i went back to the library to get my sister, and went home. when i stepped in the door, i realized that i hadn’t eaten anything today (yes i do forget i haven’t eaten sometimes, heh). so i had a quick bite to eat, then i went over to my friends new house and helped him move in. just my luck his mother was there doing something, so she got into a conversation about how her computer wasn’t working. and then asked me if i could pick it up from her house and fix it. so i will have to work on that sometime this weekend.
oh, i would like to thank ally, klaire, and everyone who helped me feel better. i really do appreciate it! <3 and my friend keima gave me the perfect answer to the question i just asked, "why is love so fickle"... because usually one person in the relationship is fickle. makes you think...

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