arsonist in training

don’t ever forget you have water boiling for noodles… i just learned that the hard way. i put some water on to boil at the highest heat, and then went back to my room to wait for it to start to boil. needless to say i got on aim and my mind got sidetracked. after about 30 mins, i hear the smoke alarm come on, then go off. that happenes when the batteries are low as a warning, so i didn’t think much of it, then all of a sudden, all 4 alarms all over the house blasted all at once. i started thinking to myself, “WTF is going on…” then it hit me… the stove. so i rushed into the kitchen, and the kitchen was full of smoke, and the pot’s handle had small spots where it was beginning to melt. like an idiot, i grabbed the handle only to find out that it was HOT. so i had to find an oven-mitt, and put the pot in the sink and ran water in it. *crisis over*. then i had to open some windows, and that’s not cool. it’s pretty chilly here today, so all the heat is being let out! oh well, my fault right? well let’s try that again, cause I’M STILL HUNGRY!(@*&$)%^

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Written by xorsyst

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i hurt all over