art for non art majors

ugh, its only 8:50 and i feel like ive been up all day. i woke up at like 3am to take my family to the airport. then i got back, i ate breakfast, and took a shower, then headed up to school. got there on time today for once in my life. today was the first day of classes for me, however, after navigating the performing arts building, i finally found the class room. well what i thought was the class room. all the chairs were on the desk, but i found a note saying that the class had moved to room 266. so im like ok, back to my search for this class. after a few mins, i find room 266 (which wasn’t labeled anywhere, i just recognized the professor’s name) and go in. again, i find a note saying that class was canceled, but he left a syllabus with materials to buy. and i dont know what i got myself into. the class is for non art majors, but as far as art is concerned, i can work with digital art no problem, but give me paints, and charcole (some of the materials on that list) and im like “ummmm, you want me to what?” so this will be “fun”. now, i need food.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Hey you’re not the only one..We have compGFX as a class and i took year since i took all the comp gfx classes i gotta take a art one with pencils and stuff like that its gonna be hell lol.. hey whats the name of the shell ur using for ur desktop?

still in it

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