back @ school

so spring break is officially over. i’m writing this while i’m sitting here in the lab trying to finish some last min stuff that i couldn’t do over the break because i left the work here. seems that my morning classes were a bit empty. i guess everyone’s either too hung over to make it to school, or in the case of my friend mike, just couldn’t get out of bed. well i won’t make this entry too long because if you remember this entry, you will remember kwok talking trash about how he will beat me in pool… well today’s the first day i’ve seen him since i beat him 5-2, and he thinks it was a fluke. so… i have to prove him wrong. “beware of falling egos”… you may have noticed that saying in one of my buttons, now it’s time for me to show him what i mean.
and there’s this green bug on the screen that seems to like following the mouse around. hmmm… i just realized that i’m easily amused. HELP!

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last day of spring break