bad day

ok, today was the first bad day of my week. when i woke up, i forgot that i needed black construction paper for vis arts today. so i left the house a bit early to go to the bank, then go to walmart to pick up some really fast. by the time i made it to walmart, it was 7. wasn’t really late, but i only had 10 mins to spare. well i go to the school supply section to pick up the paper. just my luck, they only have that multi colored one, with like 5 sheets of black in there. at that point, i was a bit ticked, cause walmart is supose to have everything… right? well i left there, and started in the direction of school. on the way i passed by a win-dixie (supermarket type place). you would assume they have school supplies in at least one of the rows right? that is right. they did have school supplies. they did have construction paper, but like walmart, they had that multicolored stuff. at that point i was late, and really upset. so i figured if im going to be late, might as well go to the place the professor said to get it from. it was well out of my way, but oh well. so i go up to the bookstore near pjc and walk in. quickly glanced over the few rows of supplies they had, and didn’t see anything. so i walk up the the lady at the counter and asked her, and she leads me to the construction paper. however, like the stores early, they only had that damn 5 color construction paper! so she suggest that i go to office max. so im like couldn’t hurt, i head a few blocks down and make it to office max. just my luck, they dont open till 8. so i had to wait in the hot car for 10 mins while they were finishing up some kinda meeting at the checkout counters. finally get in, and went looking. ok, a store has a big, labeled “PAPER” section, you would think construction PAPER would be in there right? NO! i went through half the store before i put my male pride aside and figured i should ask for help. the guy was like “all black paper?” i said yea, he said he has never seen any in office max, but he led me to the place where they keep the construction paper (on the other side of the freaking store). and low and behold, he finds it. he seemed suprised to find all one color construction paper. so anyways, i pay for it, and head to class. by the time i walk into class, it was 8:20. the professor gave me a quick note on what the rest of the class was doing, and i started on today’s project. for some reason i couldn’t get into it, and i finished about 30% of it before i was just fed up. i think he realized i was having problems cause he came over and tried to act like he was interested in what i was doing. he just told me to work on it at home, so i’m just going to trash what i have and start over. after class i went to the computer lab to see if anyone i knew was in there… no-one was there, so i’m heading out to my car to go home. i pass a vending machine and figured i should get something to eat in the car on the way home (since i don’t really eat breakfast). i choose some blue-berry pop-tarts (those things own). i pressed put in .85 cents, and press 146. and you know those machines with the curly spring things that spin and drop the food down? well, it started to turn, and for a split moment, i thought it was going to get stuck. as i thought it was about to drop, the thing froze. oooo, i was pissed, i kinda pushed the machine thinking it would fall, it didn’t. i kinda walked off, then came back to the machine and pushed it trying to be as nonchalant as possible. still… it didn’t fall. so i just got out another .85 cents, and pressed 146 again, and both dropped down. i ate one, and i’ll save one for tomorrow morning. i did get my charcole piece back, so i’ll take a pic of that soon and put it in my picture section.

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Written by xorsyst

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