beef, its whats for dinner

i love cows! i dont know what i would do without them. i hope we never run out of them. out of any animal, i depend on cows the most. anyways. i havn’t been blogging much lately. ive been busy with other things i guess. i almost got into an accident on the way home yesterday. i had my cd player blasting BT- Never gonna come back down, and i was so into the song i didn’t notice someone pulling out in front of me. oops, luckily i was able to stop in time. anyways. louis is now officially in UT2003. want to see? click here and here. if you have ut and want to play with me, my server is up most of the time. connect to:, and you will be on my server. msg me on aim and i will send you my skin so you can see me while playing ingame.

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