break me, take me

what a weekend… not that i did anything…but WORK. i swear, i dont know how my body is keeping up. friday must of been make louis bleed night. ive cut my self a few times, one if which was a 5 inch long cut on my wrist (damn display bike). oh well. at least today im off, and can fully relax. i just got news today that this week, they will be wiping all the tso servers. so i have to start my properties all over again *sigh*.
anyways, in other news… if this guy believes in jesus, he’s going to hell, no questions asked. but if you want the opportunity to date jesus, this is your only opportunity.
for those of you with cats… please NEVER do this to yours. you cat may end up looking as pissed as this cat. and for all of you that thought the moon landing was faked by NASA, buzz aldrin has one thing to say about that.

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Written by xorsyst

its coming…

do you sneeze in public?