can you lick your elbow?

hurricane (24k image)well its officially been raining for 24 hours now thanks to that storm in the gulf. in mobile, alabama (about 30 mins away), all public schools have been canceled, yet in florida, they all remain open. how thoughtful. i mean, who would want to miss school right? so i have to drive all the way across town in rain/wind. that should be fun. anyways, last night i was on realirc and i said, “im bored”. and someone replied “lick your elbow.” so me being the curious idiot, i tried to do it, but failed. im so facinated by trying to lick my elbow now. he said it couldnt be done, but i intend to prove him wrong! dont you want to join in on this weird facination? send me a pic of you trying to lick your elbow!!! john was the first to send in his pic. see how well he did: {{popup john1.jpg john1 255×240}}john1, {{popup john2.jpg john2 320×240}}john2. send me yours at: i know youve already tried to see if you can do it by just reading this, so why not just snap a pic right?

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