candy dissection

i ment to post earlier cause im probally too tired to remember all i was going to talk about. i was soo bored today in descrite math. i swear that has to be the most boring class yet. its all really pointless and odd math like combonations & permutations, and other theorems. it never amazes me what i do to occupy my time in there. monday it was drawing huge tree in detail (shadows and all). it was pretty cool cause the tree was covered in moss, and i spent awhile trying to fill in as much as i could. but today before class i bought a bag of skittles to help me pass the time (who doesn’t love the fruity taste of a lemon skittle). so i scatter a few of them onto my notebook and started arranging them into shapes. (i had a habit of doing that in highschool with m&ms) but then i began to wonder what a naked skittle looked like. so i piece by piece took of all of the shell to expose a whiteish piece of candy. well the end result wasn’t so rewarding, but it did occupy quite a bit of the class period.
during the day i saw a sign saying that there would be an open mic night in the commons at 7pm. so after i finished up my quiz in calculus, i headed over there and ordered a chicken philly and some curly fries, sat down, and watched people perform. i was amazed at the talent here. i had no idea so many bands existed. most of the people played the guitar and sang original songs, but there was this one dude who i recognized. he sometimes came and sat with the group of people i hang out with. i dont really know him other than he sometimes hangs out with us. but anyways, he went up stage, and started to to flow with the skills of mos def. i mean, the kid was that good. i never expected that, but that goes to show you, expect the unexpected.

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