cant sleep

ugh, im tired. theres never anything on tv at 2am! i wish i had satellite so i could watch 900 channels like cas. i was watching evolution earlier today, or rather yesterday. that movie is was kinda funny… in a stupid way. i think inna thought i was joking when i said they took shampoo and sprayed it in this alien lifeform’s butt. now thats entertainment. i was trying to work on layouts earlier today, but kept getting sidetracked. i had to help my mom’s bf move some furniture around, and then i got bored and started on this wallpaper. i just finished it a little while ago, if you want to see it, check it out on deviant art. i really need to upload the rest of my stuff to deviant art. anyways, i cant wait till nicola gets her net back. i miss talking to her!!! well i think im about to try and sleep. oh yea, check out my friend john‘s new site! i know the temptation of clicking his name will get to you and you will eventually do it!

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parking sucks