car woes


well, i have some unexpected time since i had a bit of car trouble. oh well, where to begin. well yesterday was spent cleaning mostly. i had to do my moms bidding since that was my last day on punishment. my computer is finally back in my room, but with it, i got all these demands of what i have to do in order to keep from getting in trouble again, blah , blah. but all is good as far as attitudes. i’m trying to not get worked up cause it isn’t worth it. so now i can go live on cam. i’ve missed it. i have like 1000 fan signs that i have to do. i promised a bunch of people that i would make them one, but i haven’t had the cam to do them. so tonight i think i’m going to do that (don’t worry everyone, they will come).
now for my car… i got it back on saturday. the car runs nice. it’s very quiet, too quiet. sometimes i have to wonder if it’s actually running. but that’s about the only good thing it does… run. the electrical system is SCREWED. on my way up here, i turned on my cd player, and it sounded as if it wasn’t getting enough power. it was kinda going in and out. and when i put my foot on the break, the cd player would go out (since the break lights require electricity) and then come on right where it left off. i knew things were not going to get better at that point. however, i made it to school. but not without a bit of a scare. as soon as i made it on campus, odometer started spiking when i put my foot on the break. that was SO NOT COOL. but i made it to the parking spot, and turned off the car… i thought about it for a second, and tried to start it back up. the car was DEAD. i knew it. i wanted to scream. so i’m going to have to call someone to pick me up later on today. i knew my car wouldn’t be perfect, but i didn’t expect all this. oh well that’s life. i’ll manage. ok, i’m going to the commons to play pool.

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