i swear ever since i cut my mustache, i look so much younger. at first i thought it was in my head. but since i started working at the nex. ive had customers ask how old i was. i reply jokingly, “how old do i look” and the responce i get is the same. about 16-17. i stopped by the gas station to get a lottery ticket today (yes the florida lottery is up to 48 million). and not once have i ever got carded to buy a lottery ticket… until today. and yesterday at work, i was helping this lady look for a coax cable, and she was like “can i ask, how old you are”. i laughed, and asked how old do i look. and suprisingly enough, she said 16. speaking of yesterday. it was horrible. we were shorthanded and i didn’t get a break of lunch all day. one guy went home sick, one guy didn’t know he had to work, and one called in sick. the joys of having a job.

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Written by xorsyst

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