cass the maniac driver

finally i got a good night’s sleep. i stayed up on wednesday night showing cass around on there. i think she‘s hooked too! someone let us borrow a buggy, and cass was at the wheel while i was in the passanger side. i feared for my life! :P she was doing 360’s and barrel rolls flying through the air. it was crazy. but after all the driving we went to the mafia hot tub and talked to a few people. cass seemed to be enjoying herself too much cause after i left there to go to sleep, she IM’s me saying she just kissed a guy in there. lol. so now its friday… joy… oh last night i also got accepted into the planetside beta, however after setting up my character and stuff, it goes into the loading screen, and then crashes! so i gotta go check out thier support section once i get a chance tonight. well i better be off, work in a few mins.

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Written by xorsyst

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