change of mind

ok the forum does have a new layout, but on tuesday when i was working on it… 90% way through it, i decided i didn’t like it. i finished everything but the buttons/icons. you can change your style to “infect” to see it, but i finally have an idea of what i really want to do so that will be ready shortly. and i forgot about the tuesday two, so i’ll post it below.

1. Other than a family member, is there someone (you don’t have to name names, of course) that you’ve never been able to forget? Why him or her?
i have lots of people that i wont be able to forget. every close friend that i ever had, no matter how we stopped talking or whatever, i wont forget them. at the time, they were part of my life, and i appreciate that.

2. What incident — either one that happened to you personally or something that you witnessed but weren’t directly a part of — have you not been able to truly put behind you? Why not? hmm, thats a harder question to answer. i have one in particular, but i know that person will instantly know im talking about them because they still read my blog. lol. i know one. me and a few friends went tubing down some river, and a friend decided to buy water bottles and drink the water, and replace it with vodka. so anyways, the one that came up with the idea got extremly drunk, and the rest of us had to take turns towing him down the river. it was funny cause everyone was like “get his head outta the water, he may drown etc” i mean, he was GONE.

i have a new fav shoutcast station. its called they play trance and breakbeat (about 90% breakbeat). they have about 400 songs on their playlist that you can request realtime from thier site. if you have broadband, click here to listen, and if you have 56k, click here to listen. ok im going back to the library to do somemore research *sigh*.

What do you think?

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